Korean Lash-by-Lash Extension


Been admiring some ladies with a full, long & curly eyelashes without the need to apply mascara everyday? STOP ADMIRING and take action now by dialing 6222 2284 to own that gorgeous look that you have always been admiring… Read more

Crystal injector


The skin booster procedure can be done in most areas of the skin that requires hydration, mainly the face, neck and hands.
In addition, antioxidants can be added to brighten the skin tone.
The best treatment combination to suit your skin’s needs.
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Nano Tech Semi Permanent Foundation


No More Foundation Pads! No More Uneven Complexion Tone! Save your time for something else that is more important… We are very sure that all ladies are tired of putting up our face foundation prior to the makeup, or before leaving their room, do you agree with us? With our NanoTech Semi-Permanent Foundation, you can skip the hassle and save your time for something else that is more important in your life… Read more