LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) PDT LED for photodynamic therapy.

What is Omega light?

  •  Omega light is composed of 287 special medical SLD Red (640nm), Blue (423nm), Green (532nm), Yellow (583nm) LED, which is a medical irradiation of four different wavelengths.
  • Omega-light LLLT PDT light therapy facilitates healing, pain reduction has shown to treat acne conditions.
  • Various led light has also been used in skin care, postoperative recovery, hair growth treatment, and treatment of obesity.

Benefits of the Omega Light

What does Omega Light do?

  •  In the current 21st century, a new international skin care and attention as the receiving light therapy and a variety of features that meet state-of-the-art technology using LED therapy is tailored to fit each patient’s treatment was possible.


  • In particular, the treatment of wound healing using LED, Pain reduction has recently started from the skin and acne treatment, postoperative recovery, hair growth treatment, and the treatment of obesity, including the last 50 years and continues to expand its coverage overseas already in clinical research for the LED and LED for a long time Studies on the efficacy.


  • OMEGA Light is excellent and powerful high-brightness with the special medical LED appears a strong effect on the skin, the ideal treatment also reduced the risk of skin care equipment such as heat damage or photo-aging, the wound can be seen in the laser treatment, it consists of four wavelength bands, as well as wound healing, treatment of acne , hair growth, the treatment of various skin diseases such as multiple fields available.