Skin Renewal Treatment

Cellnique’s signature AHA treatment which works to exfoliate accumulation of dead skin cells, unclog pores, improve circulation and aid in the natural process of skin cell regeneration. This safe yet advanced AHA treatment is highly effective and suitable for anyone needing a instant radiant and smooth skin complexion.


  • Re-texture the skin
  • Stimulate cell renewal for a healthier skin layer
  • Natural skin brightener and softener
  • Anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti microbial
  • Tone and improve skin smoothness

Reversal 24 Therapy

Counteract time’s ageing effects with Cellnique new launch – Reversal 24 Therapy! The new therapy engages with 3 highly innovative technologies to fight with the ageing signs. It contains key ingredients that have been scientifically proven reduce wrinkle, improve elasticity and increase firmness! A more plum, smoother, toned, brighter and younger looking skin will appear upon the session of therapy!


  • Wrinkles reduce up to 19%
  • Elasticity improve up to 17%
  • Firmness increase up to 7%
  • Collagen boost up to 16 times
  • Hyaluronan boost up to 4 times

Aqualance 24 Treatment

Suitable for dry, dehydrated and fragile skin with dull and unhealthy complexion.

Why is our skin dry and dehydrated?

  • Limited or lack of moisture in the intracellular system
  • The activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin tends to decrease with age.
  • Excessive bathing or showering, scrubbing, or usage of harsh scaps that dissolve the protective layer of sebum.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun causes water to evaporate from the skin.
  • Not drinking enough water or consuming too much sugary or caffeinated products.

Our Mechanism:

  • Provide a dynamic hydrating effect complementary to the skin’s natural water gradient.
  • Regulate osmotic pressure between cells and their environment.
  • Promote hydrous flow balance –maintain an optimum level of water in the cells.
  • Progressively rehydrate different layer of the skin.
  • Hold and retain the newly added moisture in the hydrous reservoir.
  • Advanced lipid filling complex which consists of ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids

Defensys 24 Facial Treatment

Suitable for Sensitive Skin.


  • This treatment is dedicated to sensitive skin prone to irritations for a soothed calm, less red looking skin.
  • Ease the signs and symptoms of sensitivity
    (a) Discomfort feeling such as stingy and burning sensation and itchiness.
    (b) Symptoms such as intermittent redness, biotchiness, inflammation, rashes
  • Reduce tightness, dryness, flaky patches and cracking by increasing skin hydration.
  • Helps in bumps; pimples, due to sensitiveness with its anti-bacterial properties.
  • Diminish the over-reactivity of the sensitive skin from aggressions by increasing skin tolerance, threshold/lowering skin irritant reactivity.
  • Moisture and protect the skin from irritants by strengthening its protective barrier.
  • Protect skin from photo-induced oxidation which vital for cell survival.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cells are molecules very similar to human skin cells and can be easily absorbed and applied onto the skin surface. These cells help stimulate cell renewal, excellent nourishing properties, increase cells metabolism and prevent the skin from aging prematurely. Excellent in treating skin problems such as aging, dryness and sensitive, and can increase skin smoothness and firmness.


  • Excellent soothing, anti inflammatory, antioxidants component
  • Enhance skin ability in retaining moisture
  • Erase fine lines and reduce wrinkles
  • Skin moisturizer + skin tightening agent